Adhoc Jazz, is made up of a community of musicians from all across Ireland.

With its origins starting from the Kenmare Jazz Band, playing standards from swing, jazz and popular music. The bands ability to add different rhythms to well known pieces, with strong lead vocals and great guitar melodies accompanying, allows for a sound which is truly something quite different, and a must for music lovers and Jazz enthusiasts. The band is also known for allowing and wishing other musicians to join them in there gigs and concerts, so alternating there line up and numbers of the band for each gig. Hence the reason why there called Adhoc

July 2015

The band operates mostly in Kerry or Cork but we are available for gigs, concerts, weddings, festivals and much more all over the country. If you would like more information or would like to inquire about the bands availability. Then please go to our contact page or email us to day.

Email:  Adhoc Jazz

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